haha maizy’s oc has to date a dumbass robot

Mk. 1 is a robot created by a creepy guy to be his “anime waifu.”  But they got a virus that damaged their memory and thus made them pretty much useless for that purpose.  So they got thrown out and reactivated by accident.  Because of their memory problems they do not understand much about the world and spend most of their time relearning everything.  They don’t remember their original name so they just use their product number.  Though they do remember being constructed with the intention of being female, they assume that was a mistake because they got thrown out so they don’t identify as that now.  They are programmed to seek out things that are “fun” and because they register eating as fun they will eat EVERYTHING in sight, sometimes even inedible stuff.  They are completely capable of all human emotions but because they don’t understand them fully they sometimes make mistakes and will assume that they are dying if they get embarrassed.

heres my oc for the relationship thing w/ kara 

Name: Drake Hunter
Age: 19
gender: Male
Likes: Garlic, fighting, video games,

Dislikes: people he doesn’t know, graveyards, ghost stories, being called “delusional”

Drake is part of a relatively redneck southern family, and his father left him when he was very young.  As a kid, Drake’s mother would tell him that his father was a “monster hunter” and that’s why he was always gone.  Drake believed these stories a bit TOO much, and grew up believing that he was the next in line for his father’s title.  Whether or not this is true is debatable, his mother never really said if she was lying or not before she passed away.  Because of this, Drake tends to have a very… Strange perception of the world.  He is incredibly paranoid regarding all things supernatural and tends to jump to conclusions at the slightest suspicion, which tends to draw a lot of attention his way.  He doesn’t like talking to people much, because he thinks that he’s a target for the monsters his father humiliated and doesn’t want to be tricked.  because of this, he doesn’t quite fully understand a lot of basic concepts, which makes conversation with him quite awkward sometimes.

i did a thing for triple a

Name: Triple A (???? Fortune)
SHSL: Roboticist
Appearance: http://dreamself.me/full.php?fg=0&ffg=0&bg=10604615&back=10433753&hat=0&accen=10399694&face=10312172&hair=10400506&accef=10360301&pose=0&top=10529362&coat=10593351&acceh=10344661&bottom=10403521&shoe=10375052&bodycolor=17000198&action=change&id=0&
Personality: He’s really energetic and kinda eccentric at times, he likes boasting about himself and tends to show off a lot. He’ll frequently try to outsmart or outdo others just to help his own ego, but otherwise tries to act friendly and is generally affable.
Backstory: He’s most renown for his remote control combat robots, but he dabbles in artificial intelligence as well. In combat robot competitions, he’s undefeated.
Likes: Winning
Dislikes: Animals
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 7
Blood Type: O
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 115 lb
Bust: 74 cm
Other notes: any place he inhabits for long periods of time will eventually become infested with his tiny robot spiders that he sends out to collect scrap metal for his projects. If you step on one he’ll yell at you.